Wedding Time! How the Adventure FINALLY Began–


As many of you know, I moved out to Korea on July 15, 2008 to finally be close to my boyfriend of 6+ years, Yoongu (and put an end to four years of a l–o–n–g distance relationship!). We’ve known for years that we’d get married, so there never was a formal “proposal” per se… and now I’m furiously in the middle of wedding planning. SAVE THE DATE! We’re having a US reception party on Sunday May 17, 2009 in La Habra, CA. (“Real” Save-the-Dates and invitations will be sent out soon–it’s on my list of a million things to do ^^!)

Well, I guess in a way, there kind of was a proposal of some kind, since Yoongu asked on New Year’s Eve 2007 that I move back right away to Korea for the sake of my mental health. After all, I had been struggling with my seventh relapse in a row of major depression over the past 2.5 years with little indication of improvement, and the last time I had been completely mentally healthy and stable was while I was living in Korea from 2001 – 2003 (when I first met Yoongu).
I agreed to move to Korea by mid-2008, and when I had a complete mental meltdown two weeks later and was hospitalized in a psych unit for a week, that really just confirmed my decision. It also finally made my parents realize the seriousness of my situation, and that moving to Korea would indeed be in my best interest. So with a departure date set for mid-July, and finally having my parents’ blessing to go and be with the man that they had vehemently disapproved of for so long (really, this is another saga that most of you already know, so I will spare any repetition of that tale here), I spent the first half of 2008 preparing for my big move overseas.
Once I got to Korea, we began to discuss when we would actually get married– I really liked the idea of a fall wedding, but my parents hated the idea. It’s not that they hate autumn…it’s that they didn’t want me to delay a wedding any longer than necessary since they had already relented and given us their blessing, and our living together made them awfully squeamish (I guess I can’t blame them–it’s totally a cultural and generational gap). So as a compromise, I had to push my wedding plans to April/May!
So we’ll be having a traditional Korean ceremony in Seoul, probably on April 19, 2009. Then we’ll head over the California for our US wedding reception on May 17, 2009.
Since I haven’t been working since January of this year, I have LOTS of time on my hands. Combined with my inherent love of event planning/crafting/organizing, I’ve been off like a shot with wedding plans! So this blog will be an opportunity to keep you posted on what I actually consider to be one of the biggest, most elaborate (and most fun) art projects I’ve ever done! Feel free to check back often if you wanna know what’s going on in my head.

Before I conclude, I also want to make a quick shout out to Darlene–one of my oldest, dearest friends and a wedding planning diva! She has already been such a gem with all of her recommendations and tips, and I know I wouldn’t have nearly as much fun planning for my wedding if it weren’t for her—Darlene, you rock!

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  1. aw, Jenny! I'm so happy you started a blog! wheeeeeee! I wish we could be roommates again and we'd live & breathe wedding stuff all year while you're planning. *lol*

  2. Jenny, I am sooo happy for you- a long time coming for sure. Glad to see your parents have come around- it makes any relationship that much easier if the parents are on board. Let me know if there is anything I can help with- I LOVE YOUR CAKE TOPPER- you could make some serious $$$ with your talent!

  3. Hi Jenny!Congratulations! I’m so glad that your day has come and that it’s with that wonderful, rare Korean man I first remember hearing about 3 or 4 years ago! I am so happy for you. It sounds like you are having a dream wedding(s). Many blessings for love, health, and happiness. ~Hana

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