How I Love this Man! My 31st Bday present…


So after a whirlwind 2.5 weeks of “power wedding planning” in SoCal, I arrived back in Korea last night where Yoongu was waiting for me at Incheon International Airport.

I was pretty much konked out on the drive home: it was a rough flight cuz my allergies were really acting up, and I had teary eyes, sinus pressure, and sneezing fits for most of the 12.5 hours of the flight, and wasn’t able to sleep much.  So when we got home, I was very groggy, and took an extra five minutes of shut eye in our parked car before I entered the house.  Little did I know how busy Yoongu was in those five minutes!  When I finally stepped through the front door, I came across the following surprise:

Yoongu had sprinkled our entryway with red rose petals and had made a path of lighted candles which led to a kneeling Yoongu holding a beautiful bouquet of 2 dozen red roses.  Since there had never been a formal marriage proposal between the two of us, this was Yoongu giving me quite the birthday surprise (I arrived in Korea two days after my 31st bday).

But that wasn’t all!  Suddenly, he swung open the door and showed me my *real* bday surprise: a bathtub!  Now, that may sound a little strange to some of you, but you see, Korean homes often don’t have bathtubs.  Like Japan, Korea has a strong public bathhouse culture, so most homes just have showers.  Now, I *LOVE* to take baths—and it was always one of my little gripes that we didn’t have a tub in our house–and now we do!  It’s this lovely freestanding, gleaming white tub with a built in little “seat” in the back.

Here’s my wonderful fiance drawing up a bath for me—a welcome treat after that awful plane ride!

It was just a fantastic reminder of how lucky I am~~!


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  1. what an awesome birthday gift!!! And what a sweet proposal! How funny that you were in the car catching an extra 5 minutes of shut-eye while he was trying to get everything just perfect for your arrival. 🙂

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