Wedding Flower Woes


Spring flowers at a spring wedding reception–makes perfect sense, right?  Nothing says spring more to me than bright and happy yellow daffodils.

Talk about putting  the cart before the horse:

Then I find out that daffodils are an EARLY spring flower…and that they are generally only available through April.  I contact some of the above mentioned stores to see if there are any special arrangement that can be made with their flower farmers.  One mentioned a possibility of daffodils being available in early May, but that’s only if the weather is good.  Hmm…daffodils for a May 17th reception?  Let’s just say I never even buy Lotto tickets becuase I feel like the odds are too low…

Bottom line?  Farewell daffodil dreams!  I spent a lot of time scrambling to find another bright yellow flower that would also work with the centerpiece project I have in mind (don’t worry, I’ll be sure to blog about that later!).  The current contenders are: freesia, dahlia, and a couple of daisy varieties (Factor, Vero and Yellow Cushion Pom).  We’ll see which one makes the cut!  Feel free to post any other suggestions though~~~


P.S. Here’s a pic of the secondary flower I plan to use to complement whichever yellow flower I decide on.  Doesn’t the top of Star of Bethlehem look like an asparagus tip?  Hehe, that probably contributes to why I like these flowers….mmmm…..


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  1. 😦 boooo… so daffodils are definitely no longer an option? I’m sure whatever flower you end up choosing will look great because yellow is such a happy color- yellow flowers in general just emit that feeling!

  2. what about yellow peonies? i love peonies (even though they are so gigantic!) and i’m pretty sure they’re a springtime flower. PLUS, they smell so wonderful and flowery. and what about yellow amaryllis? don’t know what their season i thought my mom had some pretty ones in the backyard in the spring or summer.-jean

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