DIY Beads & Wire Wedding Decor


Sorry for the long lapse since my last post. It’s my first winter in several years in Korea, so I’ve been dealing with a really persistent cold the last few weeks. Anyhow, I’ve finally been feeling up to more wedding planning, so I thought I’d do a show-and-tell for one of my favorite wedding projects: beaded wires.

I first came across this idea off the internet at this site about making a “beaded bouquet.” I don’t think I’ll actually have a beaded bouqet, but I loved the idea of beads on a wire, so I’m making a bunch of these to put into my flower arrangements, like the centerpieces, bouquet, boutonnieres & corsages.

First, here are my tools: power drill, 22 guage steel wire (in both silver and green), glass beads (clear and green), pliers, and a C-Clamp (not shown).

Then I cut some wire, thread a bead, fold it in half, and clamp the ends to a table.

Next, VrRrOoOoOM! It’s time for the power drill! A hook is used instead of a drill bit to twist the wire on itself.

Lastly, I take the pliers and hand-twist the little loop near the bead that’s left behind because of the space the hook takes up on the drill.

And voila! I get these little beads on a wire that I think look really cute and pretty—so you’ll probably seem them throughout the reception decor :)!


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