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Wedding Rings Ordered!

We finally ordered our rings yesterday. It took awhile, because I was having an ongoing dialogue with about a customized ring that I wanted.
Initally, I had planned on having a lab-grown diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are still real diamonds, they’re just not mined out of the ground. Also, lab-grown diamonds are generally colored diamonds, and I was interested in this Sky Blue diamond from Gemesis:
However, I’ve gotta give Gemesis two thumbs down in customer service based on my own experience. On the other hand, has been great: Scott from was very diligent in contacting Gemesis directly and opening an account with them, and requesting the diamond I wanted for my ring. But then Gemesis said that they were out of Sky Blue diamonds, and that they wouldn’t make any for less than 1 carat–even though that is NOT what their own website says. According to their own website, Gemesis offers Sky Blue diamonds from .2 carats to .75 carats. I called Gemesis myself to inquire about this discrepancy, and I couldn’t get a human on the phone to save my life. I’ve also emailed them, but have gotten no response. Poo poo to them!
Anyhoo, I’ve decided to just go with a regular white diamond, especially since it’s a tension setting (i.e. no prongs) and cannot accommodate a diamond larger than about .5 carats without compromising the security of the setting–so here it is:

Here is a video link if you want a 360 view of the ring. I love how the diamond is flush against the ring, which should keep it from catching on stuff. Also, since it’s held in place by tension instead of prongs, you can pretty much see the entire diamond.
As you can guess from the name of the store, the ring is made of titanium, which is the strongest and most durable metal for tension settings–more secure than a white gold or platinum setting. It’s also incredibly lightweight, which is great since I work a lot with my hands.
I know this looks more like an engagement ring, but Yoongu and I didn’t really have a traditional engagement, so I plan to wear this as my wedding band.

Yoongu’s wedding ring is also pretty unusual: it’s made from tungsten carbide, and the middle design is made with a white gold/palladium alloy and silver. Tungsten is the only rare and exotic metal that can be permanently polished because it has Mohs rating of about 8 or 9 (Diamonds are 10). That means its 10 times harder than 18K Gold, 5 times harder than tool steel, and 4 times harder than titanium and virtually scratch-proof. Such a heavy-duty substance seemed like a good idea since Yoongu’s always working with power-tools and lumber when he’s building houses.

I just love the way the middle part looks like wood! What a fitting design for a carpenter~~~
These are being shipped directly to us here in Korea in about 2-3 weeks—I can’t wait!

New Korean Invitations


So we had considered ordering these invitations for our Korean ceremony, but then Yoongu found another invitation that was priced a lot lower, and that better suited our traditional Korean ceremony theme.

I’ll admit that I was also thinking, “Hmm….most guys are loathe to have any kind of decorative input when it comes to wedding planning….so if he likes these invitations, then we can certainly go with these!” Fellow brides—I’m sure you understand the reasoning :)?

DIY Wedding Favors : Lucky Bamboo


A wedding favor idea I’ve always liked is the idea of a “green” gift– for example, seed paper that guests can plant for flowers, charitable donations, or potted plants.

Well, since I’m having lucky bamboo for my centerpieces, it wasn’t a stretch for me to consider also having them for my wedding favors.  I plan to be ordering all of my lucky bamboo from Kaptiva Imports (based in Florida), and they offer a cute little 4″ lucky bamboo in a test tube as a party favor.

To tie the bamboo in with the travel theme, I created little travel tags that also include instructions on how to care for your lucky bamboo.  I was lucky enough to find these great scrapbook accessories at Big Lots when I was in California last fall, so I certainly stocked up!  Now I have a variety of tags–and I must say that I can’t wait for these li’l fellas to travel home with you all!

DIY Virtual Centerpiece


I know in the previous post I described what I had in mind for my centerpieces, but it was driving me crazy not actually being able to SEE it. So I finally made a centerpiece for visual reference, but it’s a virtual centerpiece. That is, I basically photoshopped the individual pics I had of the centerpiece components all together, so it doesn’t look perfect,but it’s not half bad either.

After discussing things over with my mom, I’ve decided to nix the Star of Bethlehem altogether. Relative to the blooming period of the alstroemeria, there really weren’t enough blooms that opened up on the Star of Bethlehem to really look nice.

Now, you may wonder, “Why doesn’t she nix the lucky bamboo as well and just stick with the lilies and nothing else?”  But the thing is, I knew that I wanted at least part of the centerpiece to be green–and I mean “environmentally conscious” instead of the color.  With the centerpiece I’ve planned above, the flowers can be tossed when they wilt, but the lucky bamboo can continue living for a long time.

I’ve decided to get some freesia instead of the Star of Bethlehem to supplement my alstroemeria bridal bouquet.  This is a pic of a bridal bouquet that combines these two flowers, and I really like how it looks.

Now that I’m starting to finalize my flower decisions, I know that I’ll be placing an order for the reception soon.  I’ll have to also start practicing corsage and boutonniere assembly!  I don’t know if Korea has alstroemeria for me to practice on, but I’ll at least practice on some other flowers first…wish me luck!

Wedding Flower Update: Test Run


I recently ordered a bunch of alstroemeria (aka Peruvian Lilies) and Star of Bethlehem to be delivered to my parents house for the following reasons:

1. I wanted to make sure I selected a good store with prompt service and quality products. I ordered from American Floral Distributors and they delivered the flowers on time and in good shape.

2. I wanted to see “in person” (or at least through my parents’ eyes) what these flowers actually look like and if they look any good together.

3. I wanted to do a “test run” on the flowers’ opening time. Because I ordered from a floral wholesaler, the flowers are shipped the way they are to florists: buds still closed, stems still tall, no leaves/greenery removed. My dad has been wonderful about sending me daily photo updates on the flowers. It looks like they need at least 3 or 4 days to look their best.

Here’s a picture of the Lilies on Day 1 and Day 4:

And here’s the Star of Bethlehem on Day 1 and Day 4:

Now, as many of you know about my previous post on Wedding Flower Woes, I really wanted bright yellow daffodils, or a similiarly bright and happy yellow flower. I chose the alstroemeria without realizing how much orange/red these flowers would have on the back side of the petals. I’m still thinking about how much this bothers me–and if it’s enough to make a different flower decision…

As for the Star of Bethlehem, they’re cute, as I expected them to be, but the flowers definitely take awhile to open up. I’ll have to see what I think in terms of my primary yellow flower, though, before I decided to stick with these or not as a secondary flower.

Currently, I had been planning on centerpieces that involve a tall glass vase with lucky bamboo/pebbles in the center, and the yellow alstoemeria surrounding the lucky bamboo (at a lower height). The Star of Bethlehem were going to be sprinkled throughout the arrangement.

Any thoughts from any of you readers regarding this possible arrangement (I know it might be hard to imagine without pics) or the concerns I brought up about the lilies?

Invitations Galore!


So I finally finished addressing our passport-themed invitations, and sent them in bulk to my parents so they can get US postage on them and send them out. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks!

Also, I’ve been shopping around for wedding invitations for our Korean wedding ceremony, and am pretty sure we’re going to go for the following green & white lily-pad design.

I need to look up invitation wording though, cuz I have NO idea how Koreans write their invite, so I’ll be browsing around for that on the web today. Then, I’ll have to begin the daunting task of addressing these—which will be infinitely harder since many of my (and Yoongu’s) relatives don’t use email (especially the older ones). I foresee a LOT of phone calls in the next week or so!