Wedding Flower Update: Test Run


I recently ordered a bunch of alstroemeria (aka Peruvian Lilies) and Star of Bethlehem to be delivered to my parents house for the following reasons:

1. I wanted to make sure I selected a good store with prompt service and quality products. I ordered from American Floral Distributors and they delivered the flowers on time and in good shape.

2. I wanted to see “in person” (or at least through my parents’ eyes) what these flowers actually look like and if they look any good together.

3. I wanted to do a “test run” on the flowers’ opening time. Because I ordered from a floral wholesaler, the flowers are shipped the way they are to florists: buds still closed, stems still tall, no leaves/greenery removed. My dad has been wonderful about sending me daily photo updates on the flowers. It looks like they need at least 3 or 4 days to look their best.

Here’s a picture of the Lilies on Day 1 and Day 4:

And here’s the Star of Bethlehem on Day 1 and Day 4:

Now, as many of you know about my previous post on Wedding Flower Woes, I really wanted bright yellow daffodils, or a similiarly bright and happy yellow flower. I chose the alstroemeria without realizing how much orange/red these flowers would have on the back side of the petals. I’m still thinking about how much this bothers me–and if it’s enough to make a different flower decision…

As for the Star of Bethlehem, they’re cute, as I expected them to be, but the flowers definitely take awhile to open up. I’ll have to see what I think in terms of my primary yellow flower, though, before I decided to stick with these or not as a secondary flower.

Currently, I had been planning on centerpieces that involve a tall glass vase with lucky bamboo/pebbles in the center, and the yellow alstoemeria surrounding the lucky bamboo (at a lower height). The Star of Bethlehem were going to be sprinkled throughout the arrangement.

Any thoughts from any of you readers regarding this possible arrangement (I know it might be hard to imagine without pics) or the concerns I brought up about the lilies?


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