DIY Virtual Centerpiece


I know in the previous post I described what I had in mind for my centerpieces, but it was driving me crazy not actually being able to SEE it. So I finally made a centerpiece for visual reference, but it’s a virtual centerpiece. That is, I basically photoshopped the individual pics I had of the centerpiece components all together, so it doesn’t look perfect,but it’s not half bad either.

After discussing things over with my mom, I’ve decided to nix the Star of Bethlehem altogether. Relative to the blooming period of the alstroemeria, there really weren’t enough blooms that opened up on the Star of Bethlehem to really look nice.

Now, you may wonder, “Why doesn’t she nix the lucky bamboo as well and just stick with the lilies and nothing else?”  But the thing is, I knew that I wanted at least part of the centerpiece to be green–and I mean “environmentally conscious” instead of the color.  With the centerpiece I’ve planned above, the flowers can be tossed when they wilt, but the lucky bamboo can continue living for a long time.

I’ve decided to get some freesia instead of the Star of Bethlehem to supplement my alstroemeria bridal bouquet.  This is a pic of a bridal bouquet that combines these two flowers, and I really like how it looks.

Now that I’m starting to finalize my flower decisions, I know that I’ll be placing an order for the reception soon.  I’ll have to also start practicing corsage and boutonniere assembly!  I don’t know if Korea has alstroemeria for me to practice on, but I’ll at least practice on some other flowers first…wish me luck!


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