DIY Wedding Favors : Lucky Bamboo


A wedding favor idea I’ve always liked is the idea of a “green” gift– for example, seed paper that guests can plant for flowers, charitable donations, or potted plants.

Well, since I’m having lucky bamboo for my centerpieces, it wasn’t a stretch for me to consider also having them for my wedding favors.  I plan to be ordering all of my lucky bamboo from Kaptiva Imports (based in Florida), and they offer a cute little 4″ lucky bamboo in a test tube as a party favor.

To tie the bamboo in with the travel theme, I created little travel tags that also include instructions on how to care for your lucky bamboo.  I was lucky enough to find these great scrapbook accessories at Big Lots when I was in California last fall, so I certainly stocked up!  Now I have a variety of tags–and I must say that I can’t wait for these li’l fellas to travel home with you all!


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  1. Hi, Jenny – the pics look great! You’ve been busy!I just sent you an email yesterday – please take a look. I really need to see someone and was hoping to get a recommendation.Thanks! JennyBig hugs,Susan

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