Wedding Rings Ordered!

We finally ordered our rings yesterday. It took awhile, because I was having an ongoing dialogue with about a customized ring that I wanted.
Initally, I had planned on having a lab-grown diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are still real diamonds, they’re just not mined out of the ground. Also, lab-grown diamonds are generally colored diamonds, and I was interested in this Sky Blue diamond from Gemesis:
However, I’ve gotta give Gemesis two thumbs down in customer service based on my own experience. On the other hand, has been great: Scott from was very diligent in contacting Gemesis directly and opening an account with them, and requesting the diamond I wanted for my ring. But then Gemesis said that they were out of Sky Blue diamonds, and that they wouldn’t make any for less than 1 carat–even though that is NOT what their own website says. According to their own website, Gemesis offers Sky Blue diamonds from .2 carats to .75 carats. I called Gemesis myself to inquire about this discrepancy, and I couldn’t get a human on the phone to save my life. I’ve also emailed them, but have gotten no response. Poo poo to them!
Anyhoo, I’ve decided to just go with a regular white diamond, especially since it’s a tension setting (i.e. no prongs) and cannot accommodate a diamond larger than about .5 carats without compromising the security of the setting–so here it is:

Here is a video link if you want a 360 view of the ring. I love how the diamond is flush against the ring, which should keep it from catching on stuff. Also, since it’s held in place by tension instead of prongs, you can pretty much see the entire diamond.
As you can guess from the name of the store, the ring is made of titanium, which is the strongest and most durable metal for tension settings–more secure than a white gold or platinum setting. It’s also incredibly lightweight, which is great since I work a lot with my hands.
I know this looks more like an engagement ring, but Yoongu and I didn’t really have a traditional engagement, so I plan to wear this as my wedding band.

Yoongu’s wedding ring is also pretty unusual: it’s made from tungsten carbide, and the middle design is made with a white gold/palladium alloy and silver. Tungsten is the only rare and exotic metal that can be permanently polished because it has Mohs rating of about 8 or 9 (Diamonds are 10). That means its 10 times harder than 18K Gold, 5 times harder than tool steel, and 4 times harder than titanium and virtually scratch-proof. Such a heavy-duty substance seemed like a good idea since Yoongu’s always working with power-tools and lumber when he’s building houses.

I just love the way the middle part looks like wood! What a fitting design for a carpenter~~~
These are being shipped directly to us here in Korea in about 2-3 weeks—I can’t wait!

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  1. i love your rings! it’s like you read my mind! i have loved lab grown diamonds ever since i saw them on discovery channel’s “how it’s made” (and i spent, like 10years working in labs so i’m kinda “lab grown” too!) and i love white metals but don’t like the white golds and platinum is just too pricey. i have been hoping for a tungsten engagement ring with a lab grown diamond but don’t know if this will be hard to do since they’re more non-traditional (or how to drop hints to a certain boyfriend considering he wants to choose the ring himself)

  2. eeee! how exciting to finally have your rings on order! In the traditional Korean ceremony, is there a ring exchange portion? Or do you plan on wearing your rings immediately upon receipt? 🙂 It’s hard to resist! And I didn’t realize tungsten was virtually scratch-proof. That is AWESOME! Since titanium is not resizable- did you get your finger sized somewhere beforehand? I’m sure you won’t have as many problems as Joe did, but his first wedding band- had to be sized 3 times! His finger joint was just so darn big compared to the actual finger where the ring would fit.And Jean- there is no reason to try to be subtle about what you want in a ring. Men need DIRECTION! And OBVIOUS direction at that. It’s a ring you will more than probably wear for the rest of your life so you’ll want to love it. He can make the final decision, but there is no harm in ring browsing together so he gets a feel for the styles you want. As far as special metals and diamonds- just bring it up in a discussion.

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