DIY Wedding Cake decor: Handmade candy airplanes


For our wedding, we offered 3 types of desserts (cheesecake, chocolate cake and mango cake) that were each topped with candy airplanes we handmade.

We used Wilton candy melts in white, yellow and green.  First, we melted the candy in the microwaved, and then Yoongu expertly poured candy into these great airplane candy molds I had purchased from a candy store in Glendale.

He then had to shake the mold to get out the airbubbles, and make the bottoms smooth:

Then these guys went into the fridge for about five minutes to set, and then I popped them out of the molds.

Next, I dipped each plane in either light green or light yellow melted candy to decorate the tip of each plane.   I had to place the planes upside down to make sure the tips didn’t stick to the wax paper:

Here was our fleet of candy airplanes ready to be delivered to our baker!

We made enough airplanes to top each guest’s dessert, and to decorate our wedding cake.  Our baker did a great job incorporating all the elements I asked for: our candy airplanes, our handmade cake topper, our wedding flowers (alstroemeria) and lily grass.  She even made sure the flowers and lily grass were in multiples of 7 to ensure extra “blessings” and good luck!


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