Good Grief! It’s all over!


Wow!  The last month has been a real whirlwind of activity.  To sum up:

April 18: Yoongu and I had our traditional Korean wedding ceremony in Seoul.

April 24: Yoongu and I fly to LAX for our US reception May 17.

April 26: Dim sum gathering with friends , and then birthday dinner for my dad

April 27: Engagement photo shoot with our photographer

May 6-12: Weeklong trip to visit Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Vegas

May 16: Bridal shower and last minute prep

May 17: Wedding reception

May 20: Birthday dinner for my brother Alex, who had flown in from Korea for the US reception.

May 22: Dinner celebration for my parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary

May 25-26: Fly back home to Korea and arrive the following day

May 27: Spend ALL DAY unpacking

And, of course, squeezed in between all of these events were non-stop errands, crafting tasks and wedding preparations.

Now that I finally have a free moment, I will make my best attempt to backtrack and blog about the various wedding events and tasks that have happened over the last month, and that have ended all too soon!  Stay tuned!


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