Our DIY Wedding Revisited #2: Boarding Pass Placecards


boarding pass wedding place cards

In the spring of 2009, I “married” my husband three times! First we filed the legal paperwork to be married (it’s a very cut and dry ordeal in S. Korea), then we had a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, and lastly, we had a wedding reception in California. This series is dedicated to the last event, which was truly my DIY masterpiece. Nearly every aspect of our travel-themed wedding was a DIY project that I poured my heart into. With my fourth wedding anniversary around the corner, I’m feeling full of love and generosity! I hope you enjoy this series of DIY wedding projects!

Today’s project: “Boarding Pass” Wedding Placecards for a Travel Themed Wedding

Relative to my other DIY wedding projects, these placecards were a breeze.

I decided to make the placecards look like mini-boarding passes, and to color-coordinate the cards based on guests’ meal preferences to make it easier for the servers during the reception.

I simply printed my designs on yellow and green cardstock (our wedding colors), and then folded the boarding passes in half. I also used a corner punch to round off the corners like real boarding passes.

Later, I hand-wrote the names of guests onto the cards, as well as the table assignments. Instead of numbers, I used country names for the tables at our reception venue.


For example, a boarding  pass that listed “Vietnam” as the destination meant that the guest should sit at the Vietnam table. All of the tables at the reception venue featured a country name of a place my husband and I had traveled to.


The tables also included the following menu cards that I printed on cardstock:

wedding menu card

Ahh…what a lovely trip down memory lane—as you can tell, I was a huge fan of my Macadamia Nut Crusted Orange Roughy, and the delicious wedding cake by Fred’s Bakery! I hear the steak was also quite good:

filet mignon

Anyway, back to placecards! I also made a few additional ones for my husband and myself, as well as my parents.


So these special placecards, along with my boarding passes, really helped my travel-theme decor soar!



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