Cheers! DIY Wine Cork Bulletin Board


Not that we need much of an excuse to enjoy a bottle of wine, but here’s another one: a DIY wine cork bulletin board!

It was definitely fun recruiting “materials” from my friends, who said they were more than happy to drink wine for a good cause. I received a plethora of wine corks from friends, and then set about getting this project going.

2012-06-12 12.13.28

I got a very cheap framed picture and upcycled it by using it as the base for my bulletin board. The added bonus is that it already had hardware in the back of the frame so I could easily hang it on a wall.

2012-06-12 12.14.30

I used a simple alternating pattern with the corks, and secured the corks to the frame with the generous use of a hot glue gun.

2012-06-12 12.20.28

And voila! Here’s the finished product!


It’s a very easy project that also recycles something that people generally just toss in the trash–Score! If you decide to tackle this project, then cheers to you!

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