Lizard Mancala Game Board



As an adult, a night of fun is often expected to involve glasses of wine, appetizers, music, and lots of small talk. I have to admit that I often miss being a kid when pulling out a board game was the obvious choice for how to have an evening full of fun. Luckily, I’m still very much a kid at heart, and I manage to indulge my love of board games every now and then. Mancala has definitely been a favorite game, since it’s one of the few games my husband will humor me with (he is decidedly not a game person!). We’ve played countless rounds with our lizard mancala board, which is one of my favorite collaborative projects with him.

We were in the Philippines when we first spotted a lizard mancala board in a traditional open air market. However, when we inquired about the price, we felt it was out of our budget. When I got back to Korea, I couldn’t get the board out of my mind, and so I decided to design my own lizard board. Once I came up with a drawing, I handed it over to my husband, and since I’m married to a carpenter (lucky me!), he was able to render the design with ease. I stained the board a deep brown and added some pretty orange and red marbles to complete the set. Voila! Any one want to play a round?


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