The Tangerine Room – Let the Creative Juices Flow!




About a year after getting married, Yoongu and I moved into a brand new apartment complex in Icheon. Unlike some older apartment complexes, which sport a very plain and totally unadorned layout, the complex we went into tried to feature some…ahem…creative (i.e. tacky) design elements. This included mismatched wallpapers, mirror tiles (a la the 1980s), plastic framing spray painted metallic gold, etc… Egads, the list of design tragedies in this apartment seemed never ending!

We moved into a 3 bedroom apartment, and I made one of the rooms into a dedicated arts & crafts room for myself. The room initially had a weird, beige flower print wallpaper on two walls, yet a strange diagonal pattern wallpaper on the other two walls–and my goodness, how they CLASHED! I kept feeling like, hmm…did they just take some random scraps and put them together in this room? Buuut…this was a brand new complex, which means they made this horrible design choice hundreds of times over throughout all the units!

Anyway, long story short, I knew I needed to revamp the room drastically. I also decided to go for something really bold since this room was meant to be a creative work space. When I saw this vibrant orange in the paint store, I fell in love! And once I painted the room, I loved stepping inside because it made me feel like I was inside a delicious tangerine, and hence, this room became known as the “Tangerine Room.”

I knew I wanted a decorative element on one of my walls, so I came up with the photo collage you see in the above photo. I really love taking photos of trees, so I featured part of my tree photo collection with bold black mats, and arranged them into an organic pile on the wall.

We have since moved from this home, so it’s been sad to say farewell to my lovely Tangerine Room, but it certainly lives on in my memories, and in funny pics like the one below. This picture was taken after the room was painted, but before I arranged all my things back into the room, and my goodness, the room was disaster zone for a while. As you can see, my rescue dog Webby needed to take refuge on a low table!


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