Beary Good Friends – DIY Teddy Bears



If you know anything about my beloved rescue dog, Webby, you know that she is obsessed with stuffed animals–or rather, she’s obsessed with ripping them apart. Unfortunately, the teddy bear dolls pictured above are among her victims. Their loss was all the more tragic for me because I had sewn them myself years ago when my husband (then boyfriend) and I started the long distance phase of our relationship (which lasted four years!). I made one bear for each of us, and he had “custody” of the bears while I was in the US and he stayed in Korea. Once I returned to Korea, we got married, and couple years after that I got Webby, and well, sadly the rest is history. But at least I found this old photo of my lovely bears, sitting pretty with their pal Chupi Chones, the frog. Farewell, bears!

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