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Halloween 2015: Ozma of Oz costume



I’m a huge Wizard Oz fan, and I’m referring to the original Oz series by L. Frank Baum (although I also enjoy the countless adaptations and reboots that exist out there, like MGM’s 1939 film with Judy Garland and the Wicked series).

I think it’s unfortunate that more people aren’t aware of how big the Wizard of Oz was back in its day– it was like the Harry Potter of the early 20th century!

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Cheers! DIY Wine Cork Bulletin Board


Not that we need much of an excuse to enjoy a bottle of wine, but here’s another one: a DIY wine cork bulletin board!

It was definitely fun recruiting “materials” from my friends, who said they were more than happy to drink wine for a good cause. I received a plethora of wine corks from friends, and then set about getting this project going.

2012-06-12 12.13.28

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Thank You Book – Allison’s Farewell Gift


Allison Thank You Book

The last few handcrafted books I’ve made have been for joyous occasions: celebrations of friendship, presents for mothers-to-be, a token of love for my boyfriend (now husband)… But this gift was truly a bittersweet undertaking.

I spent today volunteering at Asan animal shelter (where I adopted my first dog, Webby). I just got LASEK surgery done last month, so I wasn’t planning to volunteer at the shelter for at least a few more weeks–but I simply couldn’t miss today’s trip. It was the last shelter trip for my friend Allison, one of the most amazing animal rescue advocates in Korea. She’ll be heading back to Canada tomorrow to begin the next chapter of her life, but there are so many here in Korea (human and canine alike) who will miss her dearly!

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DIY Origami Air Fresheners w/ Coffee


Who hasn’t bought a Glade Plug-in or a little Airwick aerosol spritzer in their lifetime? Air fresheners used to be a staple on my shopping list. After all, they never seem to last that long and constantly need replacing.

However, as a big proponent of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” I always hated that there was a lot of waste with store-bought air-fresheners. For example, there’s the original packaging, and that then there’s the container once the air freshener is used up.

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DIY Jewelry Display Tree


DIY Jewelry Display Tree

Glass vase + river rocks + dried kiwi vines + yellow shimmery yarn = the perfect jewelry display!

The display itself is pretty, and it also showcases my earrings and necklaces so I’m reminded to wear them! As they say, out of sight, out of mind–and I find that when all my earrings are in a jewelry box, they never seem to be taken out as often as they should!