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Wardrobe for the Engagement photos in California


We’re working with Caroline Tran for our wedding photography–I saw her portfolio and fell in love with her pictures and the artistic eye she has in her compositions.  I also felt a great connection with her when I met her in October last year—she just got my vision for the wedding ^^.

Yoongu will finally have a chance to meet her a mere three days after we arrive in California in late April because that’s when we have our engagement photo session scheduled.  It’s a tight fit, since that’s just shy of three weeks before our wedding reception, but it’s the best we could do.  Afterall, I needed to give the Korean photographers enough time to rush photos of our Korean ceremony so I can share them at the reception, and we’re leaving the Friday after our Saturday April 18 ceremony.

I explained to Caroline about the travel/vintage theme of our wedding, and she’s come up with some great ideas for locations, such as the Bradbury Building:

or Union Station:

We haven’t finalized a location, but wherever it is, I’m totally excited!

So I’ve been working hard on what to wear during the shoot, and although it’s a little backwards, the first thing I found, which influenced all my other decisions, was this hat:

I LOVE hats!  Really, it’s not like I need to have any more—after all, I have only one head, and I never wear the ones I have as much as I should.  But I saw this one in Itaewon shopping district in Seoul, and loved how it had this old fashioned quality to it.  I think I’ll curl my hair and have it in a kind of 40’s hairdo—something where I can have the hat both on and off for the shoot.  And I may add a white flower to it to match my two-toned shoes.

So once I had the hat, I had to find a dress to suit it.  It took quite awhile, but yesterday I finally ordered this dress.  My dad is coming to Korea next Wednesday, so he’ll be able to bring it over so I can make sure it fits and looks alright (fingers crossed!).

I love the flutter sleeves (also great for hiding upper arms!) and the small details on the front bustline.

Now on to the shoes!  The great news is that the Bargain Hunter is BACK!  I got these two-toned beauties for a mere $8.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  My hope is that they’ll turn out to be comfortable enough to swing dance in, too! And what a clever idea for the clasp: it’s like a bra or swimsuit hook so it’s SO much easier to get in and out of.  I can’t believe I haven’t ever seen this before–it’s ingenious and better than resorting to velcro!

Darlene has also generously offered the following pair of GORGEOUS shoes to borrow for the photo shoot.  Aren’t they just amazing?!  I’ll see how they fit, and how tall they make me relative to Yoongu, but maybe my feet can have a wardrobe change for some of the seated pics ;)!

As for Yoongu, I think he’ll look good in his suit, or if it feels too formal, I think he could take the jacket off and show off a pair of suspenders to give it a fun vibe.  Here’s a pic of him in his new suit we just bought to wear at my uncle’s wedding this past Sunday.

I’m even considering a fedora for him!  Whaddya think?

He’s a little shy of the whole photo shoot idea (he HATED having to pose even for our hanbok fitting pics!), but I’ll try to get him into it.  If anything, I think having it be more like “costumes” should make it feel easier–it’s like we’re just playing make-believe!  Sigh, if only he was into swing dancing—I think that would make it a lot easier!  I totally plan to go swing dancing in my outfit!