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Our DIY Wedding Revisited #4: Wedding Cake Topper



In the spring of 2009, I “married” my husband three times! First we filed the legal paperwork to be married (it’s a very cut and dry ordeal in S. Korea), then we had a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, and lastly, we had a wedding reception in California. This series is dedicated to the last event, which was truly my DIY masterpiece. Nearly every aspect of our travel-themed wedding was a DIY project that I poured my heart into. With my fourth wedding anniversary around the corner, I’m feeling full of love and generosity! I hope you enjoy this series of DIY wedding projects!

Today’s project: Wedding Cake Topper for a Travel Themed Wedding

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DIY Cake Toppers for a FRACTION of the cost!

So in keeping with our “travel” themed wedding, I’m having a cake decorated with little planes, suitcases and cameras. For the cake topper, I thought about having a little old-fashioned plane with Yoongu and I inside. I found a few examples on the internet, and showed the pictures (as well as my own sketch) to various bakeries, and was APPALLED at the quotes I received.
Prices ranged from $150 to $300– The instant I heard these quotes, my brain went into to immediate problem-solving mode–> there just had to be an alternative! The answer? Make it myself!
A few options came to mind regarding materials: such as clay, papier mache, or even just finding little toys or models and arranging these together. But I also had an open mind, so I decided to wander the aisles of Michael’s Arts & Crafts to see if there was anything else available. As luck would have it, I stumbled across something I highly recommend: Crayola’s Model Magic.
It’s incredibly lightweight and has this wonderful marshmellow-y/spongy kind of feel which made me feel like I was actually working with gum paste or fondant. I’m thrilled because I think the topper will match the cake very nicely since it actually looks edible, and it still slightly spongy to the touch even after drying fully. Plus, it’ll probably last much longer than a sugar creation!
Also, it was SO easy to blend colors–your hands won’t get tired from constant kneading to get even color consistency because it’s so soft–or you can easily knead it just slightly for beautiful marbled effects. If you have any questions about Model Magic or my techniques, ask away! But otherwise I’ll stop with the details and just show you a couple pics of the end product:

I can’t wait to see it on top of the actual cake in May~~~ Even if you don’t need to make a cake topper, maybe you can buy some to just relive your preschool days ^^! It doesn’t make a mess like Play-doh, and in total, my cake topper materials cost me $5. Yup, that’s FIVE BUCKS!