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Our DIY Wedding Revisited #5: Candy Airplanes for the Wedding Cake



In the spring of 2009, I “married” my husband three times! First we filed the legal paperwork to be married (it’s a very cut and dry ordeal in S. Korea), then we had a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, and lastly, we had a wedding reception in California. This series is dedicated to the last event, which was truly my DIY masterpiece. Nearly every aspect of our travel-themed wedding was a DIY project that I poured my heart into. With my fourth wedding anniversary around the corner, I’m feeling full of love and generosity! I hope you enjoy this series of DIY wedding projects!

Today’s project: Handmade Candy Airplane Decorations for a Travel Themed Wedding Cake

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DIY Wedding Cake decor: Handmade candy airplanes


For our wedding, we offered 3 types of desserts (cheesecake, chocolate cake and mango cake) that were each topped with candy airplanes we handmade.

We used Wilton candy melts in white, yellow and green.  First, we melted the candy in the microwaved, and then Yoongu expertly poured candy into these great airplane candy molds I had purchased from a candy store in Glendale.

He then had to shake the mold to get out the airbubbles, and make the bottoms smooth:

Then these guys went into the fridge for about five minutes to set, and then I popped them out of the molds.

Next, I dipped each plane in either light green or light yellow melted candy to decorate the tip of each plane.   I had to place the planes upside down to make sure the tips didn’t stick to the wax paper:

Here was our fleet of candy airplanes ready to be delivered to our baker!

We made enough airplanes to top each guest’s dessert, and to decorate our wedding cake.  Our baker did a great job incorporating all the elements I asked for: our candy airplanes, our handmade cake topper, our wedding flowers (alstroemeria) and lily grass.  She even made sure the flowers and lily grass were in multiples of 7 to ensure extra “blessings” and good luck!

DIY Beads & Wire Wedding Decor


Sorry for the long lapse since my last post. It’s my first winter in several years in Korea, so I’ve been dealing with a really persistent cold the last few weeks. Anyhow, I’ve finally been feeling up to more wedding planning, so I thought I’d do a show-and-tell for one of my favorite wedding projects: beaded wires.

I first came across this idea off the internet at this site about making a “beaded bouquet.” I don’t think I’ll actually have a beaded bouqet, but I loved the idea of beads on a wire, so I’m making a bunch of these to put into my flower arrangements, like the centerpieces, bouquet, boutonnieres & corsages.

First, here are my tools: power drill, 22 guage steel wire (in both silver and green), glass beads (clear and green), pliers, and a C-Clamp (not shown).

Then I cut some wire, thread a bead, fold it in half, and clamp the ends to a table.

Next, VrRrOoOoOM! It’s time for the power drill! A hook is used instead of a drill bit to twist the wire on itself.

Lastly, I take the pliers and hand-twist the little loop near the bead that’s left behind because of the space the hook takes up on the drill.

And voila! I get these little beads on a wire that I think look really cute and pretty—so you’ll probably seem them throughout the reception decor :)!

DIY Guestbook Postcards


Instead of having guests sign a guestbook, I decided to make “postcards” for each guest to sign. After the reception, I’ll incorporate these postcards into the scrapbook I’m currently working on, which features highlights from my [pre-wedding!] travels with Yoongu.

At first, I thought about buying postcards, but I couldn’t really find any that had the vintage look I wanted.  Well, actually, there were lots of vintage postcards available through the web (and some of them were really beautiful!), but they were collectors items–so pretty much not a realistic option (I mean, I can’t afford to pay $23.00 for ONE postcard!).  So again, the solution came down to making these postcards myself.

First I gathered my tools: various colors of thick cardstock, a great scrapbook paper I found that looks like a whole page of postal stamps, scissors with an edge that looks like the perforations used for postal stamps, rubber stamps, stamp pads in black and green, and lots of glue!

I made various sizes of postcards–tiny ones for guests to just sign their names, and medium to large sized postcards for guests who want to write a bit of a message.

Yoongu suggested that I add the date, so we’ll see if I’m up for doing that since there are about 100 postcards, and it already took me several hours to make these…   Hey, wait a minute, who am I fooling?  I’m such a perfectionist, I’ll probably go back and stamp the date on all of them…but in the meantime, here’s a detailed shot of one of the postcards:

I plan to have the blank postcards available in a basket, and then I might have this great bag I found at a thrift store next to the basket for people to “mail” their completed cards:

I know that incorporating the postcards into the travel scrapbook will be a great way to recall the reception day and all its wonderful memories.  I’m already looking forward to scrapbooking these!

DIY Placecards: Beef or Fish?


Relative to my other DIY wedding projects, these placecards were a breeze.

I decided to make the placecards look like mini-boarding passes, and to color-coordinate the cards based on guests’ meal preferences to make it easier for the servers during the reception.

I simply printed my designs on yellow and green cardstock to be folded in half.  If I have time, I want to be able to write people’s names in calligraphy.  Also, the table assignments will be done by countries instead of numbers.  That is, if your boarding pass lists “Vietnam” as your destination, then please head over to the “Vietnam” table, and you can also check out pictures of our trip there placed around the centerpiece. I’m hoping that this also encourages people to visit other tables :)!

So here they are!

DIY Cake Toppers for a FRACTION of the cost!

So in keeping with our “travel” themed wedding, I’m having a cake decorated with little planes, suitcases and cameras. For the cake topper, I thought about having a little old-fashioned plane with Yoongu and I inside. I found a few examples on the internet, and showed the pictures (as well as my own sketch) to various bakeries, and was APPALLED at the quotes I received.
Prices ranged from $150 to $300– The instant I heard these quotes, my brain went into to immediate problem-solving mode–> there just had to be an alternative! The answer? Make it myself!
A few options came to mind regarding materials: such as clay, papier mache, or even just finding little toys or models and arranging these together. But I also had an open mind, so I decided to wander the aisles of Michael’s Arts & Crafts to see if there was anything else available. As luck would have it, I stumbled across something I highly recommend: Crayola’s Model Magic.
It’s incredibly lightweight and has this wonderful marshmellow-y/spongy kind of feel which made me feel like I was actually working with gum paste or fondant. I’m thrilled because I think the topper will match the cake very nicely since it actually looks edible, and it still slightly spongy to the touch even after drying fully. Plus, it’ll probably last much longer than a sugar creation!
Also, it was SO easy to blend colors–your hands won’t get tired from constant kneading to get even color consistency because it’s so soft–or you can easily knead it just slightly for beautiful marbled effects. If you have any questions about Model Magic or my techniques, ask away! But otherwise I’ll stop with the details and just show you a couple pics of the end product:

I can’t wait to see it on top of the actual cake in May~~~ Even if you don’t need to make a cake topper, maybe you can buy some to just relive your preschool days ^^! It doesn’t make a mess like Play-doh, and in total, my cake topper materials cost me $5. Yup, that’s FIVE BUCKS!