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Thai Fish Curry


I miss so many things about LA–and given that I’m in the middle of yet another sticky and humid Korean summer, the weather is #1 on my list. However, multi-cultural cuisine is definitely a very close second! I miss being able to head out and eat  Ethiopian injera,  Indian samosas, or Middle Eastern falafel on a whim, and an inexpensive whim at that. Compared to this ethnic food oasis, my current home of Icheon, Korea is akin to an ethnic food desert!

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DIY Placecards: Beef or Fish?


Relative to my other DIY wedding projects, these placecards were a breeze.

I decided to make the placecards look like mini-boarding passes, and to color-coordinate the cards based on guests’ meal preferences to make it easier for the servers during the reception.

I simply printed my designs on yellow and green cardstock to be folded in half.  If I have time, I want to be able to write people’s names in calligraphy.  Also, the table assignments will be done by countries instead of numbers.  That is, if your boarding pass lists “Vietnam” as your destination, then please head over to the “Vietnam” table, and you can also check out pictures of our trip there placed around the centerpiece. I’m hoping that this also encourages people to visit other tables :)!

So here they are!