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Korean Wedding Ceremony: Hanbok Fittings


Last week Yoongu and I went to do our hanbok fittings.  These are the traditional Korean clothes we’ll be wearing during our wedding day.  However, during the ceremony, both of us will have an additional wedding costume that’s worn over these clothes.  The wedding costumes are loaned to us for the ceremony from the Korea House, which is the location of our traditional ceremony.  Generally, with the costumes on, we’ll look something like this:

But in the meantime, here are some pics of our fittings, and the hanboks we’ll be wearing underneath the wedding costumes:

In the first pic, I have a vest on known as a paeja.  Otherwise, a woman’s hanbok is traditionally just the skirt (chima) and the top (jeogori).   Men’s hanbok consist of the top (jeogori) and pants (baji).

My mom also got a new hanbok done (her fitting is tomorrow), and since my brother is part of the ceremony, he’ll also have a hanbok costume provided for him for the ceremony.

I can’t believe our Korean ceremony is next week!  It’ll be hectic after the wedding, since we’re headed to California the Friday following our Saturday ceremony, but I’ll try to get some wedding pics up as a preview to the slideshow you’ll see at the ceremony!