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DIY Guestbook Postcards


Instead of having guests sign a guestbook, I decided to make “postcards” for each guest to sign. After the reception, I’ll incorporate these postcards into the scrapbook I’m currently working on, which features highlights from my [pre-wedding!] travels with Yoongu.

At first, I thought about buying postcards, but I couldn’t really find any that had the vintage look I wanted.  Well, actually, there were lots of vintage postcards available through the web (and some of them were really beautiful!), but they were collectors items–so pretty much not a realistic option (I mean, I can’t afford to pay $23.00 for ONE postcard!).  So again, the solution came down to making these postcards myself.

First I gathered my tools: various colors of thick cardstock, a great scrapbook paper I found that looks like a whole page of postal stamps, scissors with an edge that looks like the perforations used for postal stamps, rubber stamps, stamp pads in black and green, and lots of glue!

I made various sizes of postcards–tiny ones for guests to just sign their names, and medium to large sized postcards for guests who want to write a bit of a message.

Yoongu suggested that I add the date, so we’ll see if I’m up for doing that since there are about 100 postcards, and it already took me several hours to make these…   Hey, wait a minute, who am I fooling?  I’m such a perfectionist, I’ll probably go back and stamp the date on all of them…but in the meantime, here’s a detailed shot of one of the postcards:

I plan to have the blank postcards available in a basket, and then I might have this great bag I found at a thrift store next to the basket for people to “mail” their completed cards:

I know that incorporating the postcards into the travel scrapbook will be a great way to recall the reception day and all its wonderful memories.  I’m already looking forward to scrapbooking these!