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Braids Galore! Dutch braid buns hairstyle~~


Braids Galore! Dutch braid buns hairstyle~~

A very simple-to-do ‘do that looks more complicated than it is. I simply did two Dutch braids to the ends of my hair, then twisted each braid into its own little bun.

“Every artist…”


This piece combines some of my favorite elements: calligraphy, water soluble pastels, red and yellow together, quotations and roses.

This quote also speaks to the heart of who I am. Having practiced a lot of art therapy, I know all too well how true this quote is.

DIY Jewelry Display Tree


DIY Jewelry Display Tree

Glass vase + river rocks + dried kiwi vines + yellow shimmery yarn = the perfect jewelry display!

The display itself is pretty, and it also showcases my earrings and necklaces so I’m reminded to wear them! As they say, out of sight, out of mind–and I find that when all my earrings are in a jewelry box, they never seem to be taken out as often as they should!